All Plants Need Water


You can take a horse to water, but a fearful horse may think you’re trying to drown it.

And then, the horse may actually hurt you.

Like kick you in the face!

So what else can you do but let it go.  It will find water on its own.  Horses can take good care of themselves.  In fact, the mistake may have been that you tried to guide or assist a majestic and sovereign being fully capable of caring for itself.  Maybe it wasn’t even for the horse.  Maybe it was all about you.

Perhaps it was the desire to share water, because you knew where water could be found.  After all, Everyone needs water.

Some say, “poor horse.”  Others may say, “damn, look at that guy’s face now!”

Perhaps there were no victims in that scenario…

Internalizing the role of the victim can lead to the justification of barbaric acts, including self inflicted ones.  As in the case above, the horse may jerk back and attempt to “escape”, despite no true threat to their safety.  And in attempting to escape the perceived threat, they may become injured or further injure the person, or others.

When you see yourself as the victim, then you feel entitled, and others “just have to deal with it.”  Words like “accountability” will be used to justify the cruelty.  Internalizing the role of the victim makes it hard to even say sorry, for the “victim”.

All plants need water.  Some are desert plants, some are tropical.  Neglect the plant, and the roots search for new sources of water.

If plants could blame and be fearful, imagine what your house would be like if you were to neglect your plants.

Give thanks for our gifts of agency and resourcefulness.  Humans, unlike horses and plants, are equipped with a consciousness that can continue to evolve and overcome mental traps, like victim-hood.  We are capable of shifting our consciousness to mimic plants, animals, and more.  It is important to maintain these practices in order to live mindfully.  Unless, of course, we CHOOSE less.  We can choose to act like beasts.  And moods are addictive, even habit forming.  So what is internalized can, and will, if it is not recognized and intentionally overcome, become a part of our identity.  Yes.

I’m working on it, Uncle Rico.  No, I’m using my intent.  And I must agree now… I’m not meditating enough.

Back to meditation.



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