We are of the source

Of the source

Written November 4, 2010

And before they left the source, they gathered as much of themselves as they could.

They gathered as much love and light as they could because they would need to remember.

They were aware that the awareness they enjoyed at the moment would not be, after being birthed.

They had taken care to select just the right individuals to channel themselves through.  Together these individuals embodied all that they would need to be prepared and properly reminded of their purpose… after their births and after earning their physical bodies.

They embraces, by separating and acknowledging their similarities and differences, became one, and then separated once more.  They parted and gave themselves to the source, which was aware that they were ready.

To the guides they were handed over, and on the great path they were hurled.  Lights all around, darkness closed in.

Senses became muted and they felt the weight of a body on their spirits.

Restricted, although still having a sensation of weightlessness and invincibility, the kind that connects one with everything in it’s surroundings, they each opened their eyes, only to close them again.

Open, then closed.

And while they could hear their own voices in the distance, they soon became unfamiliar.  Then, it made no sense at all.  And the journey of remembering their purpose was in full swing.

And the journey was a blissful adventure or agonizing torture, depending on the day and how frequently they realigned themselves with the great source.  Through prayer, or concentration, silence and awareness.  For the great source was their home and one day they would once again reconvene.

But there was much work to do.

Spirits in star-suits, working to best utilize their resources.


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