“One must note …


“One must note with deep regret that degrees of freedom will be lost step by step. The current situation resembles that of the Nineteen Thirties, when several different types of authoritarianism were available to choose from throughout the world. I believe that political systems are currently experiencing another transition to post-liberal forms. We have the choice between a more party-dictatorial mode as in China, a state-dictatorial mode as in the Soviet Union, an electoral-dictatorial mode as in the USA, and finally a media-dictatorial mode as in Berlusconi’s Italy.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My first blog post…

I have long been hesitant to begin a blog.  It seems it is finally time.

I considered explaining more about who I am, but I would much rather not explicitly speak to “my past”, “my people”, “my name(s)”, etc., and instead I will simply begin, and I hope that those who find themselves in this space will decide for themselves.

And so… here we go…

After a “serendipitous” encounter with another curious traveler, Dr. Jevdet Rexhepi, who graciously presented me with an incredible opportunity to take part in a research project, I was fortunate to have the quote that I’ve posted above passed on to me.  The quote, which has taken my mind on quite a few journeys since I’ve read it, reminded me of childhood wonderings, unforgettable moments, small, very forgettable acts, and recent discussions that I’ve had concerning democracy, politics, culture, humanity and change.

As always, I am curious to know what others think of all that is implied in this quote.  Saludos!

Peace and love,



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